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Tania (she/her) is an autistic & ADHD mother of two neurodivergent children. Previously undiagnosed, she faced difficulties in navigating sensory processing differences and lacked coping mechanisms.

Enduring bullying and dropping out of high school, she felt isolated and misunderstood. In 2010, Tania began considering autism as a possibility when other family members were diagnosed but couldn't afford a diagnosis for herself.

Finally, in 2021, she received her autism and ADHD diagnosis, initiating a journey of healing and self-acceptance. Tania actively learns to manage her disabilities using available tools and creates an inclusive environment for her children. Through her experiences, she aims to educate and promote the acceptance of neurodivergent individuals.

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The 'Little Ivory Haus' Self-Publishing Course

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The Rewrite: How One Course Transformed My Story

If someone had told me just three months before I published 'When My Brain Is Messy' that I would be a children's picture book author, I would have never believed them! Let me tell you about the incredible, fast-paced, journey that led me here.

It all started with a course curated by my dear friend Laura. This isn't your average friendship - Laura and I have been close since our eldest children were born. She's the kind of friend who knew about my second pregnancy before anyone else, and who sent me a hilarious birthday gift: a T-shirt with her face front and centre, surrounded by the words 'GET IT, GIRL!'.

Laura herself is a self-published author. Her book, 'Lockdown Baby', was a labour of love that she brought to life through sheer determination and hard work. I watched her navigate the world of self-publishing with awe, from finalising an illustrator to choosing colours and covers, to that incredible moment when she released her book to the world and watching it turn into an overnight success.

Laura always believed I had stories to tell, and a passion to share. And she was right. With her guidance, I embarked on her course, and the words just poured out of me. 'When My Brain Is Messy' was born in a single afternoon, and just 50 days later, it was officially published. My life changed forever.

I am thrilled to endorse Laura's course. It's the reason 'When My Brain Is Messy' is more than just a passing thought. This course covers everything you need to know, every little step to self-publishing your own children's picture book. If becoming a children's book author is your dream or a bucket list item, then this course is an absolute must!

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